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Fortuitous Friendship, Inconceivable!

While we waited for our boat build, Steve connected with Jonathan through a cruising group online. Jonathan was in the process of buying an Outremer 4X, named ASAP, and was searching for some answers. He and Steve spent many long phone conversations discussing our boats, and a great friendship was formed. We finally got to meet Jonathan in person as we live close to each other in Southern California.

When Jonathan shared a photo with us, we recognized the boat! We saw it in La Grande Motte, France, when we were there in January 2020. We also raced against it in the Outremer Cup in May 2019 and met the previous owners.

Jonathan flew to the Canary Islands to meet the captain he hired to deliver the boat from La Grande Motte. He sailed with the crew across the Atlantic to Antigua, and the crew brought it through the Panama Canal to our home port in Marina del Rey. Here, it was recommissioned with a whole new vinyl wrap, as S/V Inconceivable.

She looks awesome! Here are the before and after snapshots.

Once in her home port in March 2020 to make repairs, replacements, and get a new suite of sails, our friendship grew into a great partnership for all. Jonathan now had two people who loved to go sailing with him, and Steve could help Jonathan manage the work, while learning more about the boat systems along the way. A match truly made in heaven!

There are some differences between Jonathan's Outremer 4X, a 49' lighter weight racing version, and our Outremer 51' cruising version (although it is fast and lightweight as well). Fortunately, there are enough similarities that we really felt this was a big part of our own training during our wait for our delivery. God is so good!

It didn't take long for Jonathan to feel comfortable and confident with Steve and I taking Inconceivable out on our own. This offered us wonderful opportunities to introduce a few friends and family to sailing on a performance catamaran similar to ours. We treated Inconceivable like our own. We are forever grateful to Jonathan and his wife, Jenny, for trusting us and also for bringing us along on a few extended trips up and down the coast of California.

Throughout 2020, Inconceivable became our COVID-19 therapy of sorts. It was a joy to share her with family and friends. My birthday celebration was undoubtedly a highlight of our time with Inconceivable. Our daughter, Kelsea, put together the following video that beautifully captured these memories:

Here are some of our most memorable moments on Inconceivable with family and friends. Thank you, Jonathan!!


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