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Froemke Family meet-up on the Cape, Hyannis, MA

What a wonderful afternoon we had! (Left to right) David, Dina, Gus, Denise, Rex, Steve and (in front) Hank.

While back in Newport for a few days, we had a chance to do laundry and provision for our trip north. We also took the opportunity to get our hulls cleaned by Elite Divers. We had a schedule to keep because we had one day to rendezvous with our beloved Froemke Family – our dear friends from home who vacation every summer on the Cape.

Getting our hulls cleaned by Elite Divers.

We departed in the early morning to sail up to the Vineyard Sound, with the wind behind us. It was a good, but long, day of jibing with the Code D, and we ended up blowing about 15 to 20 knots the last couple of hours. We spent the night on anchor in Vineyard Haven on Martha's Vineyard and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

Sunset on Martha's Vineyard in Vineyard Haven

Finding our own path in Hyannis

On the next morning at daylight, we headed out to go with the tide to Hyannis. After trying the Code D in light wind to no avail, we motored most of the way.

When we arrived in Hyannis after sailing past the Kennedy Compound, there weren't any available moorings to be had. Steve saw some isolated anchorages nearby and carefully directed me through. This is the first time we felt we went "off grid," so to speak, as we anchored in adjacent Lewis Bay. We followed our instruments closely (cruisers guide says "do not deviate from the channel here") to wind around the shallows and found a nice anchoring spot in 8 to 10 ft. all by ourselves. We felt very independent and quite self sufficient. It was beautiful and serene away from other boats.

We didn't find Hyannis was very prepared for cruisers who don't stay in the Hyannis Marina. The small town doesn't have a dinghy dock! But, we bought gas for the dinghy and ate dinner at the Hyannis Marina, so they let us tie up on one of the docks for a few hours.

Luck of the draw

Earlier, in our dinghy tour around the small harbor, we were stopped by harbor patrol, who asked about our registration numbers not being on our dinghy. Turns out, once we answered all his questions about where we had come from, how long we were staying, all he seemed interested in was our OC Tender. He said, "in the state of Massachusetts, you are supposed to have your registration numbers on your vessel." But, since we were staying just a couple of days, he'd let it go. By the end of the conversation, he had changed his tune and seemed very impressed with us and our adventures. He had seen Relentless in the anchorage and apparently had wanted to meet us. Interesting place!

We had dinner at Tugboats and enjoyed delicious steamers and mussels. But, a few hours later, Steve was violently ill. I was not, so we're not sure what happened since we had shared the meal. All it takes is one tiny bad shellfish! Poor guy! Despite his sleepless night, he rallied the next day to welcome the Froemke Family aboard after picking them up from the Marina.

Froemke Family Fun

Froemke Family coming our way and seeing Relentless for the first time!!

The boys were so excited!

It was an overcast afternoon and not much wind, but we managed to get into the Sound for a couple of hours of easy sailing. The boys were so engaged and excited.

Hank loved the binoculars we let him use, and kept calling out boats he was seeing and their loaction. Rex was fully engaged in learning to steer and navigate. And, Rex loved the fact we had a bunk bed in the starboard cabin just for him. (We had these boys and any future grandchildren in mind when we designed the boat.) They thoroughly enjoyed jumping on the trampoline and sitting on the crossbeam with Mr. Maynard, who taught them all about sailing.

Hank loving the binoculars, Rex steering Relentless, and Gus enjoying the ride!

The Froemke boys sitting on the crossbeam with Steve

As we returned to our anchorage and more confidently wound through the shallows again, we anchored in our same spot and let the kids swim. Hank was the only one who actually went in and enjoyed jumping off the bow...several times.

We were sad to say goodbye, but we would see them again briefly over in Nantucket where we would both be heading in the next couple of days. We were heading there tomorrow, so we would watch for their ferry coming in from our mooring.

Gus looks out the window of the "kids" forward stateroom.
Goodbye precious Froemke Family!
Mr. Maynard let Hank drive the dinghy back...he thought that was very cool!


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