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Like many other admirers of the Outremer brand, Riley and Elayna of s/v LaVagabonde were our introduction. We were immediately impressed with the sleek design, strength, and safety of the build and its blue water capabilities. What really sealed the deal was the safety of the watertight bulkhead compartments and the narrower hulls and tiller seats which appealed to us as monohull sailors. Interiors offered comfortable and attractive accommodations with many custom options. (I could go on and on, but Steve will tackle this subject more in-depth in a later blog posts.) 


Although we desired a little more space than what the 049 like LaVagabonde offered, we had been able to visit two O51’s to draw from: s/v Archer owned by Elizabeth and Seth of The Sailing Family who were kind enough to invite us aboard on our trip to Annapolis. And upon returning home, we spent an afternoon sailing on s/v Ten Directions (later renamed s/v Eight Directions) which confirmed our choice.


The Outremer Owner’s community is tightly knit and the Facebook Owners Group is active and very helpful, especially for Steve as he processes the more technical decisions of our build.


I think for both of us, the most exciting thing of all after signing the purchase contract that day, was anticipating Outremer Week and The Outremer Cup the following spring. More about that in our Blog...


The moment Denise fell in love with the tiller seats on Eight Directions


Steve enjoying the tiller seats on our friend Jonathan's  Outremer 4X s/v Inconceivable

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